Press Release: AGM of PCOP UK.

Press Release

The annual general meeting that took place in Manchester, with its presidency held by Chairman Ijaz Afzal Sheikh, brought together various key members. The meeting included President Press Club Syed Mazhar Bukhari, General Secretary Taseer Ahmad, Senior Executive Hassan Chaudhary, Executive Coordinator Arif Pandheer, Chief Coordinator Mahmood Asghar Chaudhary, Vice Presidents Chaudhry Azhar Ohri, VC Rizwan Shah, Deputy General Secretary Sahar Ali, Event Organizer Aamir Khan, Raja Aamir Maqsood, Chaudhry Altaf Siddique, Qaisar Bukhari, Syed Farhat Abbas, Asif Mughal, Hasan Raza, Altaf Shahid Sidhu and Atiq ur Rehman.

In accordance with the Press Club’s constitution, the chairman of the Press Club presides over the annual meeting, during which all executive bodies present their last year’s performance and outline future action plans.

During the meeting, the President of the Pakistan Press Club of the UK, Mr. Bukhari, stated that the Press Club had played a vital role in raising awareness among the people. Last year, they organized interfaith dialogue programs related to Christmas and held discussions with scholars from various religious backgrounds during Muharram. On the other hand, in the month of Rabi-ul-Awwal, a conference for humanitarian cooperation among different schools of thought was organized, and scholars from different schools of thought were invited. Mr. Mazhar Bukhari emphasized that these positive activities had led to an increase in the number of members in the Press Club.

Taseer Chaudhry, the General Secretary, praised the punctuality of all the Press Club’s meetings. Deputy Secretary General Sahar Ali consistently maintained records of all the proceedings in all meetings.

The Chief Coordinator, Mahmood Asghar Chaudhry, highlighted that the successful execution of all events was made possible due to the strong interpersonal relationships among the members. He emphasized that the Press Club functions not as an organization but as a family.

Senior Executive Hassan Chaudhary shared the good news that, with great effort, the Press Club had prepared a website that would strengthen the club’s connection with the public.

Arif Pandheer, Deputy Chief Coordinator, mentioned that the Press Club fulfils its responsibility of nurturing and training journalists by executing its duties using new ideas every day.

Members, including Qaisar Bukhari, Farhat Abbas, Hasan Raza, Atiq ur Rehman, and Chaudhry Altaf Shahid and Asif Mogul, expressed pride in being part of a Press Club that not only makes verbal claims but actively participates in practical efforts.

Raja Aamir Maqsood, Chaudhry Azhar Ohri, and Aamir Khan stated that the awards given to members of the Press Club by various organizations last year for their journalistic services are proof that all members associated with the Press Club are contributing to the field of journalism.

Chairman Ijaz Afzal Sheikh praised the Press Club’s performance and stated that journalists and the public in the UK greatly appreciate its work. The Press Club not only delivers timely information but also raises its voice in support of journalists’ rights. Under the guidance of the Press Club, workshops for journalists have been established to enhance their professional skills. He expressed his hope that in the coming year, the club’s performance would be even better, and they would present it to the public in a more appealing manner.
Dated 10/10/2023

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