Meeting of the Delegation from the Press Club of Pakistan with Lord Mayor of Manchester, Yasmine Dar.

[Manchester, 17/10/2023] – A delegation from the esteemed Press Club of Pakistan recently had the privilege of meeting with the distinguished Lord Mayor of Manchester, Yasmine Dar, in an engaging and informative session that fostered constructive dialogue and strengthened international ties.

The meeting, held on 17/04/2023 at Mayor’s chamber in Manchester, brought together key representatives including Ijaz Afzal sheikh, Mahmood Asghar Chudhary, Arif Pandheer, Taseer Chaudhary, Shaukat Qureshi and Amir Maqsood from the Press Club of Pakistan and the esteemed Lord Mayor of Manchester to discuss a range of important issues, including media collaboration, cultural exchange, and fostering goodwill between Pakistan and the United Kingdom.

Highlights of the Meeting:

1. Promoting Media Collaboration: The Press Club of Pakistan and Lord Mayor Yasmine Dar discussed avenues for enhanced cooperation between Pakistani and British media outlets to encourage the exchange of news, ideas, and cultural perspectives.

2. Cultural Exchange Initiatives: Both parties acknowledged the importance of cultural exchange programs that bridge the gap between their nations, fostering understanding and appreciation of each other’s heritage.

3. Strengthening Bilateral Ties: The meeting reinforced the commitment to strengthening the bond between Pakistan and the United Kingdom and exploring opportunities for cooperation in diverse fields.

4. Press Freedom and Democracy: The Press Club of Pakistan emphasized the significance of press freedom and the role of a vibrant media in supporting democracy.

5. Sustainable Development: Discussions also centred on sustainable development and how media can play a vital role in highlighting issues related to climate change, environmental conservation, and social progress.

The Press Club of Pakistan extends its heartfelt gratitude to the first Muslim lady Lord Mayor Yasmine Dar for her warm reception and insightful discussions during this meeting. Both sides look forward to future collaborations and initiatives that will further enhance the understanding and friendship between Pakistan and the United Kingdom.

The productive exchange concluded with a sense of optimism, emphasizing the importance of people-to-people interactions and the media’s role in strengthening international relations.

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