What Are the Car Seat Laws in Missouri

In 2020, a law passed in the Missouri House requiring children to drive rearward facing until age 2 (unless they have reached the maximum height or weight limits of the car seat). In April 2021, a similar bill (SB 493) passed the Missouri Senate; Its requirement would come into effect in August 2021. Starting in May 2021, the new HB43 (with the same rear requirement) will be reviewed by the Missouri House. Missouri does not specify how long children should be facing back. At a minimum, parents should follow the instructions of the manufacturer of their specific car seat (called “proper use”). According to Missouri`s car seat law, there is no exact limit. However, experts agree that 2 years is the minimum to face the back. Make sure you and your little ones are securely restrained and use a good car seat. We have some information in this article to help you do just that.

A convertible car seat is a good option if you decide to get a car seat. The minimum requirements for rear-facing car seats are one year and 20 pounds. However, experts recommend keeping our little ones back to the road until the age of 2, simply because it offers the most protection. Current guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics are that children should remain rear-facing to the limits of their convertible car seat. Almost all convertible car seats today can accommodate children up to 40 pounds (they have varying size restrictions, so read your manual) – the height of an average 4-year-old – rear-facing. According to a 2017 study, of the 79 children who died in a motor vehicle in Missouri this year, 55 were not fastened by a seat belt at the time of the crash. Most children do not fit properly into an adult seat belt until they are 10-12 years old, when they pass the 5-step test. MO Car Seat Act requires children wearing harnesses to drive car seats weighing at least 4 and 40 pounds.

Note that children must respect both age and weight. Requirements prior to transition to booster seats. Need more information about state laws? Learn more about the laws you live in. Missouri requires children to ride in a car seat or booster seat until they are 4`9″, 8 years old or 80 pounds. Children are not allowed in a booster seat in Missouri until they are at least 4 years old and 40 pounds. Be sure to follow the manufacturer`s minimum and maximum size requirements for your booster seat – most manufacturers now require you to be at least 4 years old, 40″ tall and 40 pounds. Missouri doesn`t have a law on when children can drive in the front seat, but many automakers state that children up to age 13 shouldn`t drive in front. Here`s a great explanation of why.

Yes, car seats and child restraint systems can be left behind when a child reaches the age of 8, weighing 80 pounds or waisting 57 inches. A child safety technician is a certified professional who can help you choose the child restraint system, whether it`s rear-facing child seats or forward-facing child seats. In addition, a child safety technician can help you properly install a child restraint system in accordance with Missouri law. As you know, Missouri has a different law for 4-year-olds and 8-year-olds in a motor vehicle. This is what the safety of a child passenger does. In Missouri, there are no laws that would criminalize smoking in the presence of child passengers. The forward-facing car seat can be used up to four or 40 pounds, depending on the make and model. That means a child weighing at least 80 pounds or at least 4 feet 9 inches can be restrained in a seat belt in Missouri. However, this may not be the safest practice.

Children aged 4 to 7 who weigh at least 40 but less than 80 pounds and who are 4`9″ or less tall must be secured by a car seat or booster seat. Children who weigh at least 80 pounds or who are 4`9″ or taller must be secured by a booster seat or seat belt. Therefore, for infants and toddlers under 2 years of age, a rear-facing car seat is the appropriate child restraint system, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The only exception not to drive in the rear seat is when more children are available as a seating position with a restraint system and the vehicle is designed with the front seat only. One of these types of vehicles, which is designed only with the front seat, is the single-cab truck. Such a rear-facing child seat should be used for as long as possible up to an upper limit of 4 years. However, you should consult your car seat manual for the manufacturer`s recommended limit. If you`re flying to Missouri, be sure to bring one of these tour car seats. If you`re planning a family outing, consider one of these comfortable convertible car seats or comfortable booster seats. Check other car seat laws by state when planning your route.

Under Missouri`s booster seat laws, an 8-year-old would not need a booster seat. The booster seat must be used for children under 8 years of age or children weighing less than 80 years of age or under 57 years of age. “Missouri law makes it mandatory for children in the 4-7 age group, weighing less than 80 pounds and less than 4 feet 9 inches tall to travel in child seats. You can find Missouri`s official car seat law in Missouri`s revised law 307.179. Although the law does not require it, research shows that children should ride in a strapped car seat (whether facing back or forward) until the age of at least 5.40 pounds and mature enough to sit properly throughout the journey. If the child reaches the weight limit of 80 pounds and is over 57 inches tall, they can still use a booster seat if necessary, and the car seat belt does not provide adequate protection. A car seat should be installed in the back seat and possibly in the middle, which is the safest place. Many states require you to use back seats for your children for as long as possible. In Missouri, the law is unclear on the use of front and rear seats.

Although it is not required by law, you should always try to use the back seat as it is safer. According to the same directive of the law, the appropriate child restraint system for infants and preschoolers aged 4 to 8 years will be a forward-facing car seat. Missouri has no laws to replace car seats in the event of an accident. It is worth remembering that car seats are useful for some time, after which the seats are not safe to use. According to experts, this durability is 6 years and the seats should be replaced after this period. Car seats should also be replaced in the event of a moderate to severe accident.