Vc E Muito Legal Em Ingles

It`s probably a radical word. It`s more American slang and it can be used in an even more informal way, like bulk, upstairs, very cool, too: totally awesome totally awesome; very “mara” That`s great! /It`s great! It`s unbelievable! That`s wonderful! It`s fantastic! It`s “mara”! It`s really cool! Oh, it`s amazing. This really awesome “Mara”/etc. really/really wonderful/amazing Going to the beach in the summer is a great bike. Going to the beach in summer is very massive. quite amazing very amazing / very impressive / pretty awesome Amazing, very mass, top, mara, cool . We have many opportunities to talk about how much we love something, Portuguese. The same thing happens in English. And let`s show it in this article! It`s illuminated! Oh, it`s amazing. / How cool! / It`s very daora! Which of these words would you use most often? How would you say in English “It was really amazing!”? And in order not to forget, it is necessary to see and check this content and continue to practice in different ways and many times. That`s why inFlux has developed Lexical Notebook, inFlux`s free app, to write what you learn here, so you can view and practice the content at any time! This app helps you keep your notes organized and easily accessible, and automatically create flashcards and quizzes to help you pin content. And if you use Lexical Notebook, it is very important that you write an entire block and not a vague word.

Pieces are sets of words that are often used together in a language, and when we learn through them, we fix a block of words. Thus, you will learn the vocabulary integrated into the grammar and will have no difficulty assembling the sentences, because the blocks come out naturally! This melody was sick. This song was very good! See some collocations with this word, i.e. frequent combinations with “large”. You should see that the equivalencies are all very similar; The most important thing is to know that they are used to saying that something or someone is “very amazing”, “incredibly wonderful”, “too mara”, “too fantastic”! So, let`s learn a few pieces to tell you that something is amazing? Did you like the movie? For me, it was definitely rad. Did you like the movie? For me, it was really amazing. just awesome just wonderful; just too much These shoes are so doped! These shoes are so cool! After all, it`s the most recent slang that young people have used to describe something amazing, cool, mass, daora, or sorting (as gauchos say). See how it is used: this restaurant is simply amazing! The restaurant is just amazing!. damn ingenious as ingenious; Incredibly fantastic It`s worth watching this clip as a joke with the coaches of The Voice 2017, where they have to respond to the bath or the wheel: For more information, see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

OMG! It`s overwhelming! Oh my god! It`s surreal! So go cycling! So massive! It`s so amazing! So wonderful! The special effects of this movie are really amazing. The special effects of this movie are really amazing. An overwhelming fact An amazing fact / impressive fact Have fun learning what “Jeepers Creepers” are in this article: an overwhelming experience an amazing experience / a fantastic experience / a great experience We have examples of professional voice actors, both male and female. Complete Speechling User GuideOur Scholarships for Free SpeakingStaff White PaperFree Daily Dictation Audio ShopFreeMailFree Voice Quiz Free Language QuizExercises to fill in free daily informationAll tools. The word awesome, in English, is quite democratic and can be used to talk about people, music, movies, travel. Anyway, just about everything! So note a part of the fixed sentence type, i.e. It is a ready-made language block and can be used in this way without modifications: simply stunning simply amazing / just fantastic Another way we will teach is overwhelming, which can also mean “amazing”, “wonderful”, “fantastic”, “too much”. And yet, unlike big and amazing, it can mean “fantastic”, “magnificent”. So it`s used in that sense to be something so amazing, surreal. Some common combinations: How about knowing a bit of slang for amazing now? An overwhelming concert, a great show / an amazing show / a fantastic show.

Answer: It was ____! /C`was________! Here you can complete with one of the 7 words presented: awesome, amazing, half-blowing, rad, dope, sick or lit. Selfie sticks are so rad! The selfie stick is so awesome! With different meanings, this word can also mean an amazing and cool look at you. It would be damn great if we did that. It would be too surprising if we did that. If you mean that something in particular is amazing, look at this semi-solid block that one part does not change and the other, which is in parentheses, can be changed so that you can adapt to what you want to say: We hope you enjoyed it! Create your examples and keep an eye out for movies, series, TV shows, and music, as this vocabulary is widely used! This word can be used like the previous one, so look at the pieces: these sneakers are so illuminated! This shoe is so cool! In addition to being sick, this word is also slang for an amazing and fresh mass. See: We respect your privacy. Let`s not fill your timeline with selfies. We went skydiving and it was just amazing. We jumped past the falls and it was just amazing. New York was an overwhelming experience.

New York was a great experience. That`s rad! / It`s rad! It`s pasta! /It`s great! /It`s unbelievable! Oh, it`s amazing. What a mass! /And so on. Girls, this party was set on fire! Girlfriend, this party was amazing!.