Unisa Top Law Students

We are a globally networked university and our staff and students come from over 90 countries. We also have more than 2,500 industrial and professional relationships that support student internships, research and community engagement. Together with UniSA and our generous sponsors, USALSA is always happy to offer new projects and student development opportunities to its law students and graduates. “The path to completing my LLB has been filled with so many lessons, opportunities, difficulties and pains,” she says. It was not an easy journey. Complementing your LLB studies (40 modules!) with distance learning and the like requires personal discipline and strength of character. She has come to know the core values of perseverance, independence and responsibility. Being part of the students, organizing herself in groups and collaborating with other students has also helped her adapt and develop key skills to face the challenges of modernity. “As a 5-star business school ranked in the top 1% globally, we ensure that our students are prepared for successful and global professional careers, while supporting business innovation and growth to create the economic and professional opportunities of the future. Given the number of law students at UniSA, USALSA works directly with its student body to foster a stable institution that offers a variety of learning opportunities that employers will seek.

We are happy to coordinate new perspectives for the 2020 academic year with our sponsors. USALSA is a non-profit student organization that relies on its generous sponsorship partners. We work for the benefit of the student body by offering social events and networking opportunities, career fairs and seminars, as well as legal advice competitions to support students` hands-on experience and skills development. “Our law degree takes students beyond legal theory and offers experiential opportunities, smaller class sizes and advocacy facilities.” The winning team prize includes R20,000 cash for the winning student, a R2,500 Juta Law voucher for the supervisor of the winning essay and a R2,500 Juta Law voucher for the winning law school. According to the South African Law Reform Commission, this is the first time Unisa College of Law has won the SALRC legal essay writing competition since its inception in 1999. Previously, Unisa students were 2013 and 2013. 2016 Finalist in the LLB category. “I found it extremely attractive to study a double law degree at UniSA. My professors are wonderful and they are committed to helping their students succeed, which makes studying at university even more enjoyable. The degree focuses on the practical application of theory, preparing you for professional practice and facilitating the transition to the workplace.

Since 2008, USALSA has seen a history of students whose academic qualifications have given them high-quality work experience that makes them advantageous over other law graduates across the state. Being elected as a student leader, she says, brought her many responsibilities and gave her the opportunity to realize her leadership skills. She served students to the best of her ability, guiding them through a variety of matters ranging from personal to professional matters. Her character and inner strength have also been enhanced by helping other students in so many positive ways. “This is a gratifying recognition of the world-class commitment to research and industry that underpins preparing students for future careers – no matter where in the world our graduates want to succeed and excel,” said Professor Wilson. The South African Law Reform Commission (SALRC), in partnership with Juta Law, sponsor of the award, organised the 2018 Legal Essay Writing Competition Annual Awards on Friday 6 September 2019 at the Centurion Hotel in Pretoria. The 2018 edition of the competition was in honour of the legacy of the late Chief Justice Pius Langa. The SALRC Legal Essay Writing Competition encourages critical legal writing by LLB and LLM students at all South African universities and generates new ideas for legal reform. These ideas should be aligned with South Africa`s priorities as a developing state and aim to keep pace with changing society and meet the needs of South Africa`s diverse population and national policy priorities. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, she wants to advise all students to focus and not let a global pandemic stop them from being who they want to be in the future.

“Build a solid foundation now and have a better future. The choice is up to each individual to be safe, maintain social distancing, wear masks and stay focused, waiting for a positive side. Don`t be discouraged… Employers often tell us that UniSA law graduates show initiative with a “can do” attitude and are prepared for the challenges of the legal profession – this is a testament to our teaching ethic and culture of engagement. Our relationships with industry allow students to hear from experts how the law is applied, adding an invaluable element to their learning. The only representation for law students at the University of South Australia. CLAW has the largest presence on the continent, with the largest number of student enrollments on the continent and a significant market share worldwide. Its collective goal is to inspire and support intellectual curiosity in the pursuit of academic excellence. It is therefore evident that with a team of brilliant and dynamic academics, it produces high-caliber students who, over time, have brought a paradigm shift and shaped the landscape of legal fraternity. Student engagement and the decision to choose a qualification by CLAW is a commitment to excellence, perseverance and growth, but above all a commitment to a personal dream. Kato`s success dates back to early 2017, when he worked closely with Siphuma during the 2017 Unisa Moot Court Competition, where Siphuma and colleagues from CLAW and Unisa Law Clinic trained advocacy participants from the Pretoria area. In the final of the 2017 Unisa Interregional Moot Court Competition, Kato won the Best Speaker Award and helped the Pretoria Region Moot Court team win two more prizes.

Our legal research has been ranked as world-class in the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) 2018 rankings. We have strong ties with leading and like-minded research institutions in North America, Europe and the UK, and we are building exciting new relationships in Asia.