Uiuc Business Requirements

Applicants must meet the general requirements of the university as well as the requirements of the Gies College of Business. Find courses that meet several general educational requirements All Gies College of Business students must meet the composition I and public speaking requirements. There are several ways to meet these requirements at the University of Illinois: Bachelor of Science degree programs in the various business degree programs are based on 124 hours of college work. Students should choose courses at other colleges of the university, including mathematics, rhetoric, humanities and arts, language, and natural and behavioral sciences, and ensure the most liberal education possible to avoid the limiting effects of overspecialization. Gies Business prepares you to achieve your goals for a successful career, and our online programs provide you with that in a way that gives you the flexibility to fulfill your professional and personal commitments. Each program has its own requirements, all focused on providing real, relevant, and hands-on training that will allow you to add value to the career you want to build from day one. Learning is just the beginning. From there, all you have to do is the desire to learn, and you can graduate with the tools you need to become the business leader of tomorrow. Prospective students begin this life-changing process by obtaining admission to Gies. Also consider our undergraduate programs in minor business and Gies Graduate Programs! Applications for the first year are submitted through the University`s Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Upon application, students are asked to indicate their first and second major choices. Students who wish to pursue a Gies Business major must choose “Business Undeclared” as their major major, whether they are interested in general economics or a specific major. Classes and specific requirements that all business students must meet Classes that meet specific degree requirements, as defined by undergraduate university education at Gies College of Business, are organized between the departments of Accounting, Business Administration, and Finance.

Each of these departments offers courses that offer one or more programs of study for a student to choose. These programs lead to Bachelor of Science degrees in the college`s various fields of study and are designed to encourage each student to fully realize their intellectual promise. There may be changes in curriculum requirements and new course offerings. The purpose of the Gies College of Business is to provide an educational experience that helps students develop their leadership and service potential in business, government, teaching and research. Undergraduate programs provide a study of fundamental aspects of business and preparation for careers in areas such as accounting, business management, banking, insurance, and marketing. The minimum requirements for the major in the Bachelor of Science in Management are: Visit the University`s Office of Undergraduate Admissions website to review all admission requirements, procedures, and timelines. Students transferring from other institutions must have met the requirements established by the College. For more information, visit our website and the Illinois Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Gies College of Business offers graduate and professional programs in the fields of business. For detailed information on graduate programs, please contact the Research Training Group or visit our website. You`ll take courses in four different areas to meet all requirements The Management major is designed to enable business students to be leaders and innovators in their work teams and organizations. You will be trained to analyse and resolve management issues – whether related to people, organisations or markets – that every organisation faces in its day-to-day operations.

They take courses on leading individuals and teams, designing and managing organizations, effective negotiation, and strategic human resource management. You can also choose from a variety of elective courses, including new product development, project management, entrepreneurship, and international business. Gies College of Business students who meet the university`s registration, residency, and fee requirements, and who have satisfactory academic records at the college, receive degrees that match their programs. Students are responsible for meeting the requirements for graduation. Therefore, students should familiarize themselves with the requirements listed in this catalog and other information in the Office of Undergraduate Affairs, 1055 Business Instructional Facility, and refer to them when planning their programs. The Gies College of Business requires bachelor`s degrees to be completed in nine semesters or less. If you need help scheduling courses, contact the Office of Undergraduate Affairs. The list of language options and courses can be found here. This requirement is met by the Business Core Math requirement. Language other than English: If you are fluent in a language other than English, you can get credit for this requirement by taking an aptitude test or exploring other available options. Talk to your advisor about these possibilities during your appointment! You can tell if you still need a math class and what is the best option for you when you meet with your advisor.

All Gies College of Business students must complete CS 105 – Introduction to Computer Science: non-technical that meets the general training requirements for quantitative reasoning (QR)1. Each of our programs requires students to complete their courses on two platforms: Canvas and Coursera. This video gives you an overview of the Canvas platform. Limited transfer courses for advanced composition allowed. Transfer courses corresponding to BTW 250, 261, 263, Rhet 233 and Rhet 243 are accepted for Advanced Composition. Please note that BTW 250, Principles of Company Composition, is recommended for potential candidates for the CPA exam. Core classes that relate directly to your CS 105 major meet a quantitative reasoning requirement I. Applications are reviewed holistically. There is no minimum threshold for GPA or standardized test results. The Entrance Examination Committee considers the following criteria: This course includes limited voluntary participation as an experimental subject. BUS 101, BUS 201, BUS 301 and BUS 401 are required for all Gies College of Business students. Students entering university in their first year take every other course each fall.