Ub Course Requirements

If courses are taken elsewhere while a student is enrolled at UB, only the direct articulation of the course applies to the UBC/General Education requirement. GETA acquired by UB students when they register for the university library are not applied. This includes (but is not limited to) GETA acquired at other institutions through cross-enrollment, during holidays, or during the summer or winter sessions of an academic year in which the student is an active UB student. An academic major is an area of specialization that a student completes as part of their general bachelor`s degree requirements, which include general education (UB program) and academic requirements. Students who are continuously enrolled in a particular program of study (major, minor, or concentration) or on official vacation from the program are subject to the requirements of that program as indicated in the catalog at the time of their first entry into the program. For example, students who are accepted into a major in the fall semester of 2022 and enrolled continuously until graduation must meet the requirements of the major outlined in this 2022-2023 catalog. If a returning student`s previous catalogue year is 2002-2015, they may graduate from the 2002-2016 General Education Program, which was in effect when they first entered UB, if one of the following conditions is met. All transfer courses taken since the student`s time at UB will be reviewed and applied to the student`s completion requirements in accordance with the transfer articulation rules and the SUNY General Education Transcript Addendum (GETA) guidelines. If a course fulfills more than one UB domain, students can use that course to complete only one of those UB domains. Internships, independent study, bachelor`s degree teaching, experiential learning, and other courses that are not based on classroom experience cannot be used to meet UB program requirements.

A double major is the award of a degree (e.g., a Bachelor of Arts – BA) with two majors: for example, a student completes a dual degree in English and History and earns a Bachelor`s degree. To complete a double major, a student must be accepted into each major, meet all the requirements of each major, and meet all academic requirements, including at least 120 credit hours. Once the bachelor`s degree is awarded, the student`s transcript and diploma will indicate a degree with two different majors. Students must take at least one three-credit course focused on diversity at home. An accredited course can be taken anywhere in the program and can also fulfill other aspects of the program (e.g. UB seminar or pathway course). Complete at least one course from the following list. Only one course can count towards a UB program requirement as well as a major, minor or certificate requirement. A single course cannot count towards more than one UB program requirement with an allowance: a course can count towards both the diversity requirement in the United States and a pathway or NC2 if approved as such. The UB program consists of four components that include 40 credits of study for all students, regardless of major. The UB program is a generally accessible program and therefore no course substitution should be required. See baccalaureate requirements for general education and remaining academic requirements.

A series of courses linked by a broad topic of interest. Students must also have a minimum GPA of 2,000, both at UB and overall (Transfer GPA plus UB GPA). Students must meet all UB program requirements (our general education program) and meet all important requirements. Students who are permanently enrolled in the university library or who have an official leave of absence from the university library are subject to the university requirements (e.g. UB program) specified in the catalog at the time of their first registration at the university. For example, students entering university in the fall of 2022 and enrolled continuously until graduation must meet the requirements outlined in this 2022-2023 catalogue. Students pursuing a bachelor`s degree in computer science must take at least six mandatory CST courses at UB, and at least four of these courses must be at the 300 or 400 level (excluding CSE 492, CSE 494 and CSE 499).