Tusk Street Legal Kit Wiring Diagram

1 Tusk Enduro Lighting Kit Manual The Tusk Enduro Lighting Kit is designed to provide an easy way to provide front and rear turn signals, taillights/brakes, horn and mirrors for your machine. The components are universally applicable and work with minor modifications on almost all motorcycles. Installation may vary depending on the machine. ‣ Note – If this kit is used to make an off-road motorcycle legal, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the kit complies with local and national laws. installation 1. Remove the tank, seat, side plates and headlights. Place the wiring harness along the frame so that the rear connectors are positioned in front of the rear fender and the front connectors behind the headlight. It is best to lay the wiring along an existing wiring route. Make sure the wiring is protected from heat or anything that could rub or pinch it. 2. Install the taillight/stop light by positioning it under the rear fender.

Mark the locations needed for drilling and assembly. If possible, use existing mounting locations and hardware, or simply attach the taillight/stop to the rear wing with 4 screws, washers and nuts. Follow the instructions provided with the taillight. 3. Line up the flush turn signals where you want. Drill holes for turn signal wires. Run the wires through the taillight/stop light unit (same wire stroke as the end wires/stop light) to protect them. Make sure the desired position of the turn signal is clean by wiping the area with alcohol or contact cleaner. Hold down the turn signal. Hey guys, I need your help.

Does anyone have a picture of the diagram of the Tusk Enduro kit for the XR600? I`m trying to remove some wiring from the previous owner to remove everything except the rear and headlights. I know I can call them, but it`s the weekend and I was hoping someone would get one. I just put one on my 600 a few months ago. It is a fairly comprehensive scheme. As a simple mechanical engineer, I had to enlist the help of some of the electrical/control engineers I work on to help me understand some of the technical terms here. I probably cut off almost a foot of the wiring as this is a generic wiring harness for all bikes. I welded it again and used shrink tubes to keep the connections insulated. Tusk Enduro Lighting Kit Manual – Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. Did you find a lower price? Let us know.

While we can`t meet all prices listed, we use your feedback to ensure our prices remain competitive. You have to be a member to leave a comment Tusk Kit Lighting Enduro Replacement wiring harness for KTM 525 EXC 4-stroke 2003-2007. The wiring harness contains wires for the Tusk taillight/stop light, turn signals, turn signal relays, battery, brake switch, horn and control switch.