Scientific Definition for Recess

The break is a break from something, such as work or school. Almost everyone looks forward to a break, even if you don`t have access to monkey bars. The pause ensures that a deal to pump hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy, with help for struggling households and faltering small businesses, won`t come before the election. Etymology: [L. recessus, fr. recedere, recessum. See Resignation.] require good verses, recreation and solitude; And the ease of undisturbed worries and desires. Dryden. Britannica English: Translation of the break for Arabic speakers As in most states, New Jersey laws prohibit schools from holding makeup days on weekends, holidays, or after graduation, with spring break and the like generally seen as the only time to make up for lessons lost due to weather closures. In their mysteries and most secret niches and the adyta of their religion, their pagan priests have betrayed and led their constituents into the most terrible unnatural sins. Henry Hammond. Congress returns from recess next week and has two weeks of session before adjourning again until after the election. He remembers a day when Rabbi Bodenheimer went out during recess.

Whatever sign the sun possessed, whose recess or proximity determined the quarters of the year, those of our seasons were really present. Thomas Browne, vulgar Errours. We come into the world and don`t know how; We live there in self-denial and go back and are just as ignorant of our niche. Joseph Glanvill, Sceps. These sample phrases are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “pause”. The views expressed in the examples do not represent the views of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. This case demonstrates the extent of the President`s power over suspended appointments. The usual monthly lists of members were sent during the break. He won the deep niches of Hades. Dryden.

I wish many bad writers didn`t plunge into the silence of your niches. John Dryden, Don Sebastian. They went together to a niche in the garden, where they settled under all the splendor of the cloudless moon. Students who do not listen in class do not play outside during recess. The beautiful Thames haunts them, and the nearby grove, sacred for soft niches and sweet love. Matthew Prior. The baron turned completely towards him and leaned his shoulders against the iron door of the niche. If your school is closed, create a daily schedule similar to what you do at school – and don`t forget to set aside time for break and lunch! Recreation comes from the Latin word recessus, which means “to return, to go back.” You may have heard kids talk about recess as their favorite part of school.

This meaning of the word refers to the break in a school day where children can play, usually outside on a playground. As a verb, pause means to take a break at the end of a session – usually in a court case: “The judge announced that the court would take a break until the next day.” In the imperial chamber, the overseers charge a guilder and grant them for each major break. John Ayliffe. Place a generous recess behind the handle for finger distance. Secret or abstruse part; such as the difficulties and depths of science; the deepest depths of the mind. I. Watt. The great seraphid lords and cherubim sat in the tight break, and the secret conclave sat John Milton. “Recreation.” STANDS4 LLC, 2022. Web.

November 29, 2022. . The numerical value of the pause in Chaldean numerology is: 3 But during the August 2013 holidays and in September, many of my Republican colleagues who knew it was an order of fools — really, they received all this pressure from home to do it. I usually play basketball with the kids during recess, and I don`t really take it lightly, I play as hard as I can. I just took a bullet and said — it was a Friday afternoon — that if I did this picture, we would have hot chocolate as class on Monday. I just started it and it came in. He went out to the balcony, followed by Nigel, and took out the first of the sliding doors of the niche. 6.

the issuance or suspension of the activity or procedure; The House of Representatives took a half-hour break. Break is a general term for a period of time during which a group of people is temporarily relieved of their duties. In parliamentary procedure, a break is initiated by a request for a break. It was invented by Bronson Alcott, who wanted his students to have active physical play and time to talk. In education, recess is the North American term for a daily period, usually ten to thirty minutes, in elementary school, where students are allowed to leave the interior of the school to enter the adjacent outdoor playground, where they play on recreational equipment such as swings and swings, or at activities such as basketball. the dodgeball or four squares. Many middle schools also offer a break to give students plenty of opportunities to grab quick snacks, connect with peers, visit washrooms, study, and/or participate in other diverse activities. It is concluded that the swearing-in as governor by the Honourable Pedro R. Pierluisi Urrutia, who was appointed Secretary of State during the holidays, is unconstitutional. During the jury`s break, they are supposed to review their evidence.

Matthew Hale. Recreation 1. Withdrawal or retirement; a step backwards; Retreat; like the break of the tides. Any degree of ignorance is hitherto a deepening and humiliation of rationality. (South) My break gave them confidence that I can be defeated. (Eikon Basilike) 2. The state of withdrawal; Isolation; Privacy. During the jury`s break, they are supposed to review the evidence. (Sir M. Hale) Good recreation and solitude require.

(Dryden) 3. order or suspend business activities or proceedings; Pause, as a legislative body, court or school. The recreation of. Parliament lasted six weeks. (Macaulay) 4. Part of a space formed by the receding wall such as an alcove, niche, etc. A bed that was in a deep niche. (W. Irving) 5.

A place of retreat, retreat, secrecy or isolation. Farewell to his happy place, our sweet niche, and only consolation. (Milton) 6. Secret or abstruse party; like the difficulties and depths of science. 7. (Science: Botany) A sinus. Origin: L. Recessus, fr. Recedere, recessum. See Rejection.

Thomas Salusbury: Galileo`s Dialogue on the Two Principal World Systems: I think it is better to examine in the following discourses whether the Earth is considered immutable, as it has been believed until now by most people, or also mobile, as some ancient philosophers suggested and others thought of not very bad times; With Congress on pause, it seems she has had to get back in the spotlight in every way possible. I thought this Parliament would find work in the first three years, with comfortable breaks.