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I used Home Legal Direct for my 4th property, I can`t fault the team there, I`ve already been assigned DM Davies, but they correctly recommended WYM Legal this time, as a cash buyer, I was pleased with how quickly they acted and will continue to use them for my next real estate ventures. Georgina was my legally direct contact person at home. She is always pleasant and it is a pleasure to talk to her. It makes me feel like they care and are there to help you whenever you need it. Sills & Betteridge LLP has lawyers who are ready to assist you in your case. Click here to contact us directly or find out more. Beware of fake reviews here. Our real estate sale is on the verge of failure of this business. They cannot be contacted by other people involved in the transaction (client, real estate agents, lawyers of other parties).

It has been almost five months and they have made absolutely no progress. It`s for easy cash purchase without a chain. I need to find a new buyer now. To be avoided at all costs. “Even though it`s an online service, I find it quite easy to use and the process and answer are pretty clear. Compare with some local lawyers, the costs are more reasonable and there is no capacity bottleneck. I have had good experiences with it so far and I use it a second time. Unfortunately, Right Legal Solicitors does not currently accept new clients through ReviewSolicitors. To help you get expert legal advice as quickly as possible, one of our employees may recommend another highly rated law firm to accept new clients and forward your request to them. They will then contact you to confirm your appointment. We will also send you an email with the details of the new company. Tomorrow, Mr.

Chaudry, thank you for your comments. Unfortunately, this is the first time we have heard from you according to your instructions, if we had spoken to you during the transaction about the problems you were facing, we could have helped you and helped in the process as we stated at the beginning as brokers that we were available, to help in any way possible. However, we are never happy to hear about poor service from one of our lawyers, as it does not meet the high standards we have as a company. We have now spoken to the law firm in question and, as a result, we have removed it from our panel. We apologize for any stress caused by the lawyer during the trial, we have tried to contact you over the last 2 days without success, so if you are kind enough to contact Ollie on ollie@movingdirectproperty.co.uk, he can chat with you further. Regards, Moving Direct Dear Mr. RfhUnfortunately, we cannot identify your file based on the information available in your message. Please send us your transaction reference number and full name to help@homelegaldirect.com so we can find your file and respond to you. Acknowledgements As an exceptionally experienced, knowledgeable and determined family law and divorce lawyer who founded this specialist law firm, Andrew is able to act for a range of clients in all matters arising from a relationship breakdown, including divorce, separation, financial matters and child-related matters. With a practical yet sensitive approach, Andrew ensures that legal issues are clearly explained and that clients are equipped with the best advice to resolve issues as quickly as possible while achieving the best possible outcome.

Michaela accompanies and supports clients in her case with honesty, integrity and compassion and has an excellent reputation in the field of family law. With over 30 years of experience, she deals with a range of issues arising from family breakdown, particularly with regard to finances and arrangements for children after separation or divorce, and also has a growing number of international cases. Michaela is a member of Resolution, a Resolution-accredited specialist and collaborative lawyer, and is committed to helping clients achieve a fair resolution to their disputes, often through collaborative means. She is hailed in The Legal 500 as a “leading person” and described as a lawyer with “intellectual rigour, commerciality, rigor and a calm determination to achieve the right outcome for her clients.” Excellent service, very helpful from the first minute to moving day. Also over £400 cheaper than the lawyer my estate agent recommended. Thank you very much! Home Legal Direct made this process enjoyable and easy for us, as a first-time buyer, it was really nice to have them on the phone when needed! Make me feel comfortable and would recommend it to everyone. My partner and I were skeptical about an online intermediary, but they answered my questions, and when they were busy, they always called me back. As a highly respected Managing Partner, Donna strives to provide her clients with effective and expert legal advice and services, combined with compassion and empathy. She has extensive and enviable experience in all aspects of family law and has been involved in a number of reported cases, all of which require in-depth and precise legal expertise.

As a member of the Panel of Experts on International Child Abduction, Donna is appointed by the Central Authority to represent abandoned parents in child abduction cases, as well as to receive instructions from opponents, and has acted on behalf of guardians in child abduction and international child abduction cases. She is also a member of the Law Society`s Children`s Law Certification Program and prides herself on her sensitivity, diligence and empathy in often difficult and complex cases where children are removed from their parents` care. Takes your expenses, then does absolutely no work and does not answer the phone or email. Agree with the comment below that positive reviews seem wrong. I guess it`s hard to work when you`re busy writing fake reviews for yourself. I used Heidi to save money for the transfer on a commercial property, they were so much cheaper than anywhere else.the lawyers I had where rle law made the bridge. I am impressed with Laura who was fabulous with me I just finished Heidi and rle law gegeben.my new home purchase so very cheap well done heidi xxx dear PamWe strive to resolve any issues that have been brought to our attention. Since we cannot track you as a customer on our system, we have reported your contribution to TrustPilot to ask you to provide us with your data. That did not happen. Please provide us with your contact details and/or the name of our client and the postal code of the property concerned.

Without this detail, we cannot answer. Please send your response to the email address support@homelegaldirect.com and use the “Trust Pilot Review” section. Thank you Great company. It was a pleasure to deal with him, even though the process and the lawyers involved were not so easy to manage! They kept me up to date regularly and helped me get things done when they didn`t go as planned. They were always available to answer questions or contact the lawyers on my behalf. Very professional and I would use them again at 110% if I were to buy another property.5 stars all the way, you won`t regret using them, that`s for sure! Very nervous to go online as I have never done anything like this before! I must say that I was more than impressed with the speed and service. Charlotte was more than happy to take the time to explain the process and how things would work! WYM legal were my sponsors that Charlotte assigned to me, and they were great too, so happy to recommend Home Legal! I did some research and found Moving Direct and from the beginning, from investigation to instruction, then the completion of their service was excellent. I needed help filling out paperwork and nothing was too much for Heidi or Oliver to help me, a phone time was immediately arranged to get help.

You are always at the end of the phone or email and always respond quickly. They are really very professional. Everything went well for the transfer of my house sale. I would definitely recommend Moving Direct and would definitely not hesitate to use it again. Their fees are also very reasonable and they are very competent. Please use them.. Bravo Oliver and Heidi continue their good work. This review is quite real, highly recommended to avoid or want to make a big loss of the agreed sale. I found this online in August 2022 for the easy sale of a house, the seller was a cash seller and the cash buyer but unfortunately Home Legal Direct has a persuasive non-professional lawyer and provided me with the right lawyer (Mr. Arshad), they are wasting a lot of time and now it is November 2022 and the buyer advised, End the sale as a selling lawyer who is legal directly at home and is unable to respond in time.

I asked for a lot of time to change lawyers, but neither did they, they weren`t willing to refund what I kindly paid people please avoid Home Legal Direct and seek a professional Home Legal Direct gave me a lawyer who had only caused me stress and stress from the first interaction. My transaction is a simple sale without a chain and without a cash buyer. I experienced delays of 3-4 weeks, with no contact or communication, no updates, no response to emails and calls, and with an unprofessional approach that had put my sale at risk. I am now, finally, after escalating complaints to lawyers about Home Legal Direct every day, at the place of exchange and guess what. Lawyers cannot be reached for an exchange – this has been going on for three days. I will file a complaint with the Ombudsman and seek compensation for breach of contract if the sale fails. I`ve had sleepless nights and am desperately looking for someone to help me – Home Legal Direct`s support team is communicative, but at the end of the day, I just need action. I wish I had never used Home Legal Direct and warned potential clients in the strongest possible terms.