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You are all welcome to email me for employment-related legal advice: Duty counsel can guide your friend through the legal aid process and help her fill out a legal aid form if she wants to apply. I know you think you already know the answer to that question, but you would be surprised how many people who were eligible for legal aid did not think you would. It`s at least worth having the conversation, your friend has nothing to lose. Often, it is best to seek legal help and see what happens. If she receives legal aid, she is assigned a lawyer who may be a lawyer in private practice or a lawyer of the public defense service (the PDS does not work in all courts, and even where they do, they are large enough to deal with only 50-60% of cases, The rest goes to private lawyers paid with legal aid. It`s a bit complicated, but the most important thing is that your friend doesn`t have to pay for it – at least not yet, sometimes you`ll have to pay it back later). If she earns too much for legal aid, a community legal centre is the answer. CLCs bridge the gap between legal aid and people rich enough to defend their rights. During this first court appearance, the public defender may represent your friend. If she wishes to apply for legal aid or has time to think or hire a private lawyer, the court-appointed lawyer will arrange for the case to be adjourned to another date without her having to plead guilty. If your girlfriend is representing herself and is willing to plead guilty, duty counsel can do so on her behalf. If your friend wishes to plead not guilty, the case will be adjourned to a “pre-trial hearing” before a judge and then to a later date (probably in at least 6 months, depending on the court you are in). They really fear for their lives and everyone is nervous.

Therefore, any advice is appreciated. The question is, if he comes, what can I legally do to prevent him from hurting his parents. Can I knock it out? My in-laws don`t want me to do anything that puts me or my family in danger, and I don`t want to use violence. But if I had to, would I make it? Here`s something. Do not travel to a country and enter something illegal, then you can return to that country later.. If your employer provides EAP services, limited, high-level legal advice is available for personal matters (i.e. not for employment matters). I was wondering if anyone could give advice on the following issues: I can tell you that her problem falls within the areas of law covered by the service, they will decide whether she is entitled to income or not.

If, like you, she narrowly misses legal aid, she will probably be hired as a client. Do we have ways to combat it? Can I/Am I worth filing a complaint with the Insurance Ombudsman? I would like to know whether I have any legal grounds to challenge the amendments they have made to all the existing directives. Call the police when he arrives. If you legally occupy the house, you have the right to physically remove them. I would avoid fighting or using weapons. I mean. I grew up with a very violent brother and I was shot one or 3 knives and these physical encounters are unpleasant. Leave a real bitter taste on your soul, even if you are right. Community law can advise you on individual court proceedings involved in certain types of court proceedings (e.g. Criminal Court, Family Court, etc.), it can give you clues as to what your next best course of action might be or what should be avoided, they can help you understand how to structure formal legal documents appropriately and help you file them with the court. Update: This is how the police managed to catch him during a police check. He was successful in obtaining bail.

And the bail conditions are to leave them alone and contactless, etc. So this is a start. Thank you for all your advice on Reddit. It really helped me and my partner make sure we were moving in the right direction.