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Ralph Hamers, Group Chief Executive Officer of UBS, said: “I would like to personally thank Markus for his many years of commitment and contribution to UBS`s success. Since 2008, he has resolved a number of legacy issues that are very important to the bank. He will remain with us as senior advisor on certain legal matters while ensuring a smooth transition. I look forward to welcoming Barbara to UBS later this year. With over 25 years of legal and compliance experience across a variety of industries and geographies, she is ideal to lead our role as General Counsel in the future. In November, she will take on the task of overseeing a workload that includes cleaning up UBS`s offshore asset operations and the alleged fake mortgage swap in the run-up to the 2008/09 financial crisis. Rio Tinto, where it is currently responsible for legal affairs, hired Levin last year for his anti-corruption expertise. She leaves the minor after less than two years of work. Shell`s Chief Legal Officer talks about putting diversity and inclusion in the company`s DNA and the importance of leadership driving the debate. Levi will replace Markus Diethelm, who, during his 13 years as Group General Counsel, has optimized the firm`s operational risk fees and overall legal fees. Dawn Lannin is Vice President of Legal for Europe and Central Asia at Paris-based oil and gas giant Total. It discusses the company-wide approach to diversity and inclusion and why to strive for best practices. I think there are two ways to measure the impact of a diversity and inclusion strategy.

One is the formal approach and KPIs that the company defines. But the other thing I always say is that if we are considered successful by our business colleagues, it means that we have the right team, and the right team can only be a diverse team. Sandoz`s legal function is very strong in innovation and creativity, and this comes from the diversity of the team and the different ideas that have been brought to the table. It is very difficult to measure inclusion, but the best way to measure it is to look at retention. If people like to work in the same place, you`ve created a diverse and inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels empowered and respected. Levi joins UBS from Rio Tinto Group, where she has held the positions of Chief Legal Officer & External Affairs, Group General Counsel and member of the Executive Committee since January 2020. Previously, she held various leadership positions within the Novartis Group, including Group General Counsel, Mergers and Acquisitions and Strategic Transactions, Global General Counsel and General Counsel of Sandoz, Novartis` generics and biosimilars division, and Global General Counsel, Product Strategy and Commercialization, for Novartis` Pharmaceutical Division. Prior to joining Novartis, Levi worked as a lawyer in private practice in New York and Milan. What Rio Tinto and UBS have in common are some of the oldest and most complicated legal cases in business. The Swiss bank`s current legal supervisor, Markus Diethelm, has spent most of his 13-year term freeing UBS from a high-level French criminal investigation (he has not yet finished – the verdict is expected in September).

We have formal mentoring programs within the legal function and also as a company, as part of a person`s development plan. A lawyer may be supervised by a person within the legal function or sometimes by someone from outside. We also have a lot of informal mentoring within the legal function. Sometimes I see people who have a lot of potential but are not yet at the right level, so I brought them together with someone more experienced. People might say, “Over the next six months, we`ll meet from time to time over coffee and talk about the challenges of the role.” We do this when we put people in leadership roles for the first time because it completely changes their role: people who are used to doing the work themselves suddenly have a team and have to learn how to delegate and strengthen that team. Informal mentoring by someone who has been in a senior management position for a long time can help them by discussing the challenges of the role and how to overcome them. At Sandoz, we think strategically about diversity and inclusion, and when we hire, we keep diversity in mind as part of our goals. We have a nominated D&I champion in each of the roles.

Within the legal function, which includes the general legal, compliance and intellectual property functions, our current champion is the compliance manager of the Biopharma business unit, but this role is assigned on a rotational basis. We usually give that person two or three years to develop a program and see it implemented, but we also want to give the other team members the opportunity. The D&I Champion sits on the company-wide D&I Committee and brings the company`s key priorities back to the legal function. As a legal team, we think about how to adapt them to our realities, as each function is different and can have different problems. At the beginning of each year, we reflect on D&I`s overall priorities and how we can implement them in our roles, and integrate them into the way we work. Every year we ask ourselves whether we should maintain the same priorities, whether we should add more and whether we should change them. It`s a continuous development, and it`s really tailor-made. Markus Diethelm will remain in a senior advisory role until 2022 and will be responsible for some former legal disputes. He joined the Executive Committee in 2008, modernized the function of Group General Counsel and optimized the associated operational risk charges for the firm and overall legal fees. Barbara Levi is not a big fan of multitasking. “I realize now that it`s such a waste of time that you end up doing a lot of things without adding value,” she told a legal body last fall. The lawyer of Italian origin prefers to divide her time expenses by expense.

The company focuses on gender as a whole, especially at a very high level, where there is more male representation than female. In the legal field, however, it is quite interesting because we have exactly the opposite situation. Of course, we need to keep an eye on gender to make sure there is no sudden change, but we have other areas where we think we can do better. We have realized that we have less talent in Asia and Africa, especially in higher positions, so we are trying to develop the people we have in Asia and Africa through short-term assignments, rotations or special projects where they can have more visibility at headquarters and with our management. We also found that it was not easy to give visibility to people working in countries` legal services compared to employees working at headquarters. We`re really trying to incorporate a lot more flexibility, and that`s empowerment. Barbara Levi Mager is General Counsel and Global General Counsel at Sandoz, a $11 billion global leader in generics and biosimilars. It describes how the legal team deals with diversity and how all points of view are heard at the table. “I am delighted to welcome Barbara to UBS later this year. With more than 25 years of legal and compliance experience across a variety of industries and geographies, she is ideal for leading our role as General Counsel in the future,” said Ralph Hamers, Chief Executive Officer of the UBS Group. A U.S.

trial for alleged fraud in its coal sector in Mozambique is another case that has been going on for more than a decade. Levi is no stranger to fighting: she told the legal department that she didn`t speak English when she moved to the United States more than 20 years ago. “Innovation is not something we can determine as a trend, it`s here to stay. Banks and businesses need to embrace the digital future and recognize that you can`t innovate alone. No one has a monopoly on good ideas and that`s why you need to be open to innovation and collaboration,” he told the Singapore Fintech Festival. The New Chief Lawyer of the Swiss bank is no stranger to high-stakes cases. “I would also like to thank Sabine Keller-Busse, President of UBS Switzerland, for her leadership in transforming the GCOO organization over the past few years through increased business alignment, collaboration and efficiency, including increased adoption of technology, laying the foundation for this next step on the way.” The creation of the role of CDIO follows a recent speech by the CEO of UBS in which he explained that innovation is not a trend. It`s here to stay. We are an international company and have people in many geographical locations, but when you have a meeting and some people are in a room and others are on the phone, everyone forgets about people on the phone. Another simple method of inclusion is to make sure that those on the phone are actively involved. Given the different locations, it`s also important to schedule meetings at employee-friendly times in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. To do this, we alternate participants (i.e.

only include certain locations) and we avoid meetings on a Friday if the participation of countries where Friday is the weekend is required. I really didn`t want to be a lawyer at first. When you`re young, you don`t really know what you want to do. That`s exactly why I decided to study law, because I thought this field of study was broad enough to give me the opportunity to decide later. Alexandre Menais of Atos describes how the French digital services company has integrated a strong business case for diversity into a top-down integrated program with a set of monitoring tools to ensure impact.