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Meanwhile, microgrids such as those used in si2 could benefit off-grid systems in remote communities or energy islands, allowing them to eliminate diesel or other carbon-rich fuels today. As president, Guerrero officially abolished slavery nationwide on Independence Day in 1829, but in less than three months, a rebellion drove him from Mexico City to his southern stronghold. Middle English abolysshen, borrowed from the French means abolished-, tribe to abolish “abolish”, borrowed from the Latin abolÄre “to destroy, erase, to put an end to”, perhaps formed from abolÄscere “to shrink, to be extinguished, forgotten”, from ab- ab- + -ol-, medial form of the base of alere “to feed, to raise” + -Äsc-, echoative suffix – more on the old entry 1 Democrats should vote together, To abolish it, and several members have either said that they will not support that, or have reservations. These sample sentences are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “abolish.” The opinions expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. Abraham Lincoln served his 16th term. President of the United States to win the Civil War and abolish slavery. Do not set us free forever, we implore you for the love of your name, and do not abolish your covenant. The toolkit, a document containing a petition to abolish the three new agricultural laws introduced by Narendra Modi`s government, has been making the rounds on social media for a few days now. Even to abolish these oaths, it cannot be recommended to go to parliament with one of them. That is, they did not suffer under the power of Antiochus, this man of sin, to abolish the law and religion of God. They also took the initiative to eliminate about a third of the local jobs created by the Underwood Constitution. So homeschoolers would probably be exempt, but we need to get rid of the classic major.

If you call today, Cruz will help defeat Obamacare; but if you call now, Cruz will work to abolish the IRS. The adoption of the abolition amendment is part of the abolition of slavery forever. This resolution therefore abolishes the right of peers to vote by proxy. Ima Matul is the surviving organizer of the Coalition for the Abolition of Slavery and the Slave Trade (CAST). The RNC raises funds from grassroots supporters through an “Abolish the IRS” campaign.